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Mind The Lab
MIND (Models in decision making and data analysis) is a research laboratory of the Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication (DISCo)  at the University of Milano - Bicocca mainly focused on design, analysis and implementation of algorithms for data analysis, modeling and optimization under uncertainty.


Main interests:

Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Predictive and Descriptive Models
  • Probabilistic Models
  • Feature Selection
  • Time Series Analysis
Relational Models
  • Relational Clustering
  • Relational Dynamic Bayesian Networks
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Probabilistic Relational Models
Optimization Under Uncertainty
  • Stochastic Linear Programming
  • Stochastic Integer Programming
  • Scenario Generation
  • Simulation
The MIND lab is currently involved in the SIDER^B reserch project about outpatient rehab.
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MIND - Models in decision making and data @nalysis

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